Experience Medan and All the Things Lie Beneath Its Layers

Experience Medan to give yourself a nice treat in the next holiday. Why a nice treat, you may say. Well, it is a city that is unlike any other. Medan is made up of many different people with many different backgrounds and cultures. You can meet people of various ethnic groups in this city: Minang, Malay, the native Batak and Karo, Acehnese, Chinese, Javanese, and Indian. But really, there is no one culture that stands taller than the others. They all are at the same influence, assimilating into one major consciousness that today comes to be known as Medan. The varying backgrounds of the locals came from the past, further back in time when Medan was a well-known trading hub. People from China, Malay Peninsula, Java, and even Europe, India, and Middle Eastern came to this land to trade. Those merchants subsequently settled down there and through cross-marriage produced offspring that today populates the city.

Experience Medan north Sumatra and explore the city’s past through its many historic buildings and landmarks. The architectural influences from those different ethnic groups really manifest in Medan’s lines of landmarks. Some even incorporated elements of other ethnicity in their design. For example, the Great Mosque features broad spectrums of architectural influences, including those of Mogul Empire, Malayan tradition, Middle Eastern, and even Spanish-Italian components. The city is also a shopping scene, with malls and traditional markets standing one next to another to give people a wider choice of items to purchase. Looking for something to tickle your palates? Try martabak, the proverbial heart attack in a box. While this sounds like an awful suggestion to take, the moniker stems from the fact that the pancake-like snack uses things that are otherwise deemed unholy when combined: chocolate sauce, sweetened condensed milk, slathers of margarine, cheese grates, peanut chops, all essentially a recipe for health disturbance. But hey, trying it at least once wouldn’t hurt, would it? You are after all on a vacation, the only time you are allowed to go all out so why not take a little bite first and decide if it’s your cup of tea.

Experience Medanholidayand bring back home unforgettable memories. Here are some examples:

  1. Maimoon Palace, Sri Mariamman, Graha Maria AnnaiVelangkanni, GunungTimur Temple, etc.

These are only some samples of great architectural wonders to find in Medan. Most of them are of religious purpose but they are great anyway to begin your journey. Buildings of colonial era are also there for you to look forward to.

  1. Tons of malls and traditional market

Go to any one of the marketplaces in Medan, either the modern or the traditional ones, and be ready to get shocked by interesting prices.

  1. Lake Toba, beaches, and places beyond the city

Lake Toba is Indonesia’s national icon and is just some hours’ drive away from downtown Medan. It is a place surely not to be missed out.

While Medan isn’t prepped to become a travel destination centered on beach scenes, its beaches are quite fulfilling. The fact that Medan beaches are less exposed gives rise to a chance to explore hidden gems.

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