Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial HVAC Company

Facility managers deal with many different providers, but choosing a commercial HVAC company can be a challenging process. While it’s important to choose a company that can solve issues quickly, customer service is also essential. When looking for a commercial air conditioning repair company, ask the questions listed below.

Are the Employees Certified and Screened?

Checking a technician’s credentials is a good way to ensure that they have the skills and experience to do the job well. First, check the company’s licensing, and second, ask for proof of industry certifications and screenings. By asking for and verifying this information, customers can ensure that they get the safe, efficient services they need.

Is the Company Insured?

Business owners should not hire HVAC companies without liability and worker’s compensation insurance. These separate but equally important types of insurance protect customers from damage to their property as well as on-the-job injuries.

Do the Technicians Know City Building Codes?

When hiring an HVAC installer, they should understand Denver’s building codes and other legal requirements. Ideally, the installer should take care of paperwork and pull any permits necessary to complete the job. This saves customers time and helps them avoid delays, failed inspections and additional expenses.

Do the Technicians Have All the Equipment and Parts They Need?

Commercial clients need fast results, and they need the job done right. To achieve those goals, they must choose a company that uses tools such as vacuum pumps, gauges, leak detectors, charging scales, and more. Access to parts is also important; after all, the tools mentioned above are useless if the parts are on backorder. Look for companies that stock the most common parts, and those that work with local suppliers to get other parts quickly.

What Technology Does the Company Use?

When an HVAC company uses the following technologies, it means better service and faster response times for customers.

  • Mobile devices to access parts info, service histories, work orders, and other information
  • Fleet management tools that allow the company to track vehicle locations and ETAs

Running a business and managing a building is difficult, but finding an HVAC service provider doesn’t have to be. Call today to schedule service or visit the website for more details.