Tips for Selling Your Apartment

It is possible to sell an apartment quickly and profitably. You should just follow our tips.

1. Determine the price

Before you put an apartment for sale, consider how much you would like to get for it. The most important thing is not how you estimate your property and how much money you plan to get for it, but how much someone is willing to pay for it.
To get to know the objective value of your apartment is not difficult. Search for local classifieds on the Internet. There look for similar proposals. Call and find out the prices of the seller. You can call the real estate agency and introduce yourself as their potential client. The invited specialist can estimate your apartment.

You can contact the services of estimating companies. They will approach the matter professionally. With formulas, examples and other wisdoms they will calculate the price of your apartment.

2. Take the right photo

Selling an apartment begins with the fact that you advertise about it on specialized websites and in printed publications. Here, in addition to a clear text with a description of the object, you need good photos of the apartment. They are better to do in daylight by a high-quality camera.

When selling an expensive apartment, professional photographers are often invited.

3. Look for the most important feature

Each apartment has some features that can attract buyers. Find such tricks. It can be a wonderful view out of the window, a large balcony, a kindergarten or a school nearby, a cozy green courtyard. List these pros in the ad. They will be an argument in favor of your price and will simply attract the attention of buyers. Before listing your apartment on the market, check Kijiji for home sale advice.

4. More light

You should make your apartment more pleasant to look at. You can just play with light. Clean windows, light curtains, a lot of light bulbs – and the buyer thinks not so much about the price of the apartment, but how he will be pleased to live in it.

5. Clean the apartment

Specialists advice to free the apartment from belongings. Nobody argues that your favorite vases are dear to you. However, the buyer can have his own preferences. And of course, you need to hide your belongings away from prying eyes. Let the buyer in his imagination already draw himself as the owner (then he will rather buy it) – other people’s objects will interfere with it.

6. Offer bonuses

Everyone is pleased when they are given gifts. If you are not going to take a microwave, air conditioner or a bookcase from your apartment, offer the buyer to leave them to him for free as a gift.

7. Smile!

It is better to be present at the show of the apartment. And here it is very important to endear potential buyers. A positive and open person, ready to show everything, to tell about himself causes more confidence and desire to make a deal with him.